How I work

Sydney copywriter

Insight Equals Success

I make it my job to know as much about your business as you do, working in collaboration with you to achieve the results you’re looking for. Even if you’re only working with me on a one off basis, this insight is vital to ensure that my copy reaches those that matter most.

I can translate even the most technical and specialist text into clear, concise and compelling copy, written with your customers in mind at all times. Not just who they are and what they're looking for, but how they like to communicate and what tone and language they respond to best. So their experience of your business, even if it's just a quick browse of your website, always feels completely tailored and personal.

Sydney copywriter


Almost all my clients love their copy first time around. But even so, I don’t put restrictions on how many drafts I’ll do, or how many sets of amends you can send me. You’ve got to be 100% happy, so if you want a slightly different tone and emphasis, we’ll work together to tweak things until you’re completely satisfied.

And if you need a super quick turnaround? No worries – it’s not unusual for me to get last minute requests. I always do what I can to meet even the tightest of deadlines.

Freelance copywriter Sydney


My copywriting expertise is affordable and cost-effective, with the reassurance of transparent fees so you know exactly what my support costs. I don’t have the significant overhead costs associated with running an office, as I work from home. Which means these savings are passed onto my clients, ensuring that every business can benefit, no matter how small. 

You can work with me for a one-off project or on a retainer basis, whatever suits you and your business best. 

Copywriter Australia

Expertise at your Fingertips

I work completely on email with phone contact where necessary.

Having worked this way for many years, I find it's a much more productive, efficient and cost-effective way to work for everyone, especially as I also deal with businesses overseas who operate in different time zones.