The Copywriting Process


Looking for a copywriter in Australia but want to know how the process works?

Here’s a quick overview of my typical copywriting process, from initial enquiry to copy completion. It’s easy and efficient to work with me no matter where you’re based in Australia.


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1: Copywriting enquiry

Make a copywriting enquiry via the form on this page and tell me briefly what you need.

Full website content, a single webpage, an email, a brochure? And a bit about your business – a website link is handy at this stage, if you have one (don’t worry if you don’t yet and this is the reason for your enquiry!)

If you’re working with a web developer or graphic designer, that’s ok too – I often liaise with other creatives involved in a client project to make sure the copy is the perfect fit.

Freelance Copywriter costs

2: Copywriting costs indication & timescales

I’ll respond to your enquiry initially on email. Many clients like to have an understanding upfront of what copywriting costs, so I’ll advise you of my copywriting rates, and what a project like yours typically involves in terms of time and fees. I’ll also ask some Qs about your brief, including when you need your copy. It’s not unusual for me to get last-minute and urgent requests for copy -  don’t worry if you have a tight deadline.

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3: Copywriting quote

If you’re interested to know more with a view to progressing, I’ll send you a fixed-price no-obligation quote, for you to review and approve.

This will outline the scope of the copywriting work, when it will be delivered and total cost.

I charge transparently so you always have the reassurance of only paying for time spent.

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4: Insight - You & your customers

Happy with your quote? Let’s get started. I’ll begin by getting to know more about your business and who you’re targeting.

This is so I have a clear and thorough understanding of your needs and what you want to achieve. And vitally what your customers need, too.  I can gain the insight I need over email – if you prefer to get back to me when you can -  or we can schedule a call.

Whatever works best for you and your availability.

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5: Drafting your copy 

Once i have enough information, it’s time for the fun part – drafting your content!

If I need to know anything further as I write your copy, I’ll be in touch.

I’ll send you your first draft in line with agreed timescales and keep you updated along the way.

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6: Copy amends 

Let me know if you have any amends to your copy.

Almost all my clients love their copy straight away (take a look at some of my copywriting Testimonials) and any changes are usually minimal. But if you want to add something, change the tone or the focus that’s fine - I’ll make as many amends as necessary to get it spot on for you.

I don’t put a limit on the sets of amends or drafts you can have.

Copywriting process copywriter Sydney

7: Copy approval & handover

Once you’re happy with your copy, it’s all yours.

I’ll send a final version over to you for you to take forward online or in print.

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8: Copywriting invoice

I’ll invoice you once the final version of your copy has been sent across.

Payment terms are 14 days.

Ready to get started?

Make a copywriting enquiry using this form or contact me at:

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